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Number of Employees 7 employees; all based in Albuquerque, NM.
Years in Operation 15
Technology LIGA technology, High Aspect Ratio Manufacturing, metal MEMS designs
Design & Engineering MEMS, precision components, and connectors
Production Fabrication State of the art, metals based, 150mm wafer based, production fab completed in 2013
Rapid Prototyping 100mm wafer line focused solely on rapid prototype development and qualification level production runs
Device Packaging Wafer level packaging
Final Testing Wafer or device level inspection and test


HT Micro's mission is to replace conventionally manufactured switches and connectors with the smallest, most reliable metal microfabricated products in the world. In the very near future most switches and connectors will be microfabricated. More and more the electronics world is requiring leadless surface mount products in a smaller size foot print, without reducing reliability.

HT creates an array of integrated micro-devices employing proprietary processes associated with metal materials, high aspect ratio manufacturing, and parallel processing found with wafer level production. The HT production system enables high performance, hermetically sealed, rugged, miniaturized magnetic and mechanical switch components for the medical, military, industrial, and consumer electronics applications. The typical HT product miniaturizes a conventional product by a factor of 10 times.

HT's inertial switch line relies on acceleration and a damped response signature to close an electrical contact. The inertial switches are the smallest of their type known and can withstand over 100,000 Gs of acceleration. While being able to withstand high G forces is paramount to survivability the inertial switches boast a sensitivity range for contact closure in acceleration ranges of 50 to 5,000 Gs. This sensitivity is the hallmark of the devices reliability and repeatability. The primary application to date for the inertial switch is in military fuzing applications. The switch serves a key role in the Military's objective to supply ground troops with more reliable and safer weapons. The trend in munitions is toward integrating new technologies into solutions that reduce the loss of troop lives and collateral damage. Precision munitions which have high reliability, safety, and precision, result in less collateral damage to warfighters and civilians by reducing unintentional arming, unexploded ordnance (UXO), unintended targets, or shrapnel casualties. HT's inertial switch is qualified for military applications and, with an area of 3.4 mm2, replaces conventional products that are 75 times larger.

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DAT-2-B Datasheet
AT-15-B March 2019
AT-25-S Datasheet
AT-27-B March 2019
AT-65-B Datasheet
AT-65-SH Datasheet
AT-500-SB Datasheet
AT-1300-B Datasheet
AT-1300-S Datasheet
AT-2150-B Datasheet
AT-2700-B Datasheet
AT-5000-B Datasheet
AT-5000 Datasheet
LAT-1000 Datasheet
AT-1000SF Datasheet



The ability to maintain tolerances at small dimensions is at the core of HT'™s products and processes. HT'™s expertise is in developing process technology that allows for high precision of critical dimensions and still maintain a large process window. Milling, drilling, and other machining techniques are being replaced with HT'™s core microfabrication processes '" lithography, thick plating, batch processing, wafer level packaging, and device level testing.

Integrated Metal Fabrication

Our continual focus on the aggressive expansion of the available processing materials base and integration capabilities is driving reliability, low cost manufacturing, and reduced product sizes. A metals based technology is especially suited to markets requiring rugged components such as hot switching applications for medical, automotive, and industrial uses. HT specializes in additive processes that create parts by adding material to the base structure '" the wafer. With an integrated packaging approach this support structure is also the packaging structure '" serving a dual purpose during fabrication and in the application.

High Aspect Ratio Manufacturing

HT Micro employs high aspect ratio, metal based processes, to fabricate MEMS switches and components that are made of metal. These processes enable production of complex three dimensional mechanisms while maintaining tolerances in the sub-millimeter range. The technology'™s advantage comes from the ability to perform wafer level processing within a very broad range of materials. The technology for wafer level processing is well known in the IC industry; however, precision mechanical fabrication in a wide variety of metals is not. HT Micro has advanced processes that enable miniaturization of magnetic and mechanical switch components without sacrificing performance. HARM allows for designs with an out of the plane feature height considerably greater than the width of the feature. This aspect ratio creates more area for flexures employed in mechanical designs. Reliability is the benefit of the high aspect ratio fabrication.

Wafer Level Packaging

HT's processes enable product designs with the unique value-added benefit of directly packaging on the wafer. The self packaging methodology lends itself directly to hermetically sealed components which are rugged enough for many military and industrial applications. The components have the ability to withstand extreme temperature variations, vibration, and g-forces. Batch microfabrication supports wafer level packaging, avoiding expensive and time consuming back end of line assembly and testing. The costs of microfabricating a device is highly dependent on device footprint and final packaging. Packaging and testing at the wafer level reduces production costs by 60% over other commercial MEMS switches.

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