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HT Micro’s mission is to replace conventionally manufactured switches and connectors with the smallest, most reliable metal microfabricated products in the world. In the very near future most switches and connectors will be microfabricated. More and more the electronics world is requiring leadless surface mount products in a smaller size foot print, without reducing reliability. HT creates an array of integrated micro-devices employing proprietary processes associated with metal materials, high aspect ratio manufacturing, and parallel processing found with wafer level production. The HT production system enables high performance, hermetically sealed, rugged, miniaturized magnetic and mechanical switch components for the medical, military, industrial, and consumer electronics applications. The typical HT product miniaturizes a conventional product by a factor of 10 times.
  • Inertial Switches
  • Magnetic Switches
  • Connectors
  • Military Projects
HT’s inertial switch line relies on acceleration and a damped response signature to close an electrical contact. The inertial switches are the smallest of their type known and can withstand over 100,000 Gs of acceleration. While being able to withstand high G forces is paramount to survivability the inertial switches boast a sensitivity range for contact closure in acceleration ranges of 50 to 5,000 Gs. This sensitivity is the hallmark of the devices reliability and repeatability. The primary application to date for the inertial switch is in military fuzing applications. The switch serves a key role in the Military’s objective to supply ground troops with more reliable and safer weapons. The trend in munitions is toward integrating new technologies into solutions that reduce the loss of troop lives and collateral damage. Precision munitions which have high reliability, safety, and precision, result in less collateral damage to warfighters and civilians by reducing unintentional arming, unexploded ordnance (UXO), unintended targets, or shrapnel casualties. HT’s inertial switch is qualified for military applications and, with an area of 3.4 mm2, replaces conventional products that are 75 times larger.

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Magnetic switches use an external magnetic field to couple to the ferromagnetic material within the switch which creates an electromagnetic force to close an electrical contact. HT is producing the first ever hot switchable, metal, microfabricated switch. The magnetic switch is best compared to a traditional reed switch; a technology that hasn’t changed substantively in over 70 years. Reed switches are used mainly as sensors in automotive, personal electronics, security, telecommunication systems, and medical devices, basically acting as an on/off switch to control one circuit. HT’s magnetic switch is a direct replacement for a reed switch. The HT switch features the same benefits which made a conventional reed switch popular for over a half of a century:
  • Operates with either AC or DC signals,
  • Handles currents up to 1 amp,
  • Has directional sensitivity to magnetic fields,
  • Consumes no power,
  • Has a quick response time,
  • Has lifetimes of 100 million to over 1 billion cycles
Where the HT switch shines in comparison to the conventional reed switch is in the:
  • Package size, which, including leads, is 10 times smaller
  • Ability to be surface mounted on a PCB
The HT switch applications range from hearing aid devices, to medical implants, to security systems, consumer electronics, and automotive applications.

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MS-01-15 Spec Sheet
Rosenberger and HT Micro teamed up in 2013 to develop the next generation of connectors that will power the increasing demands for high fidelity, high bandwidth data transmission. HT offers several interposer products that help customers enable high speed connections for RF solutions. HT’s innovative and advanced technology delivers reduced form factor while maintaining the standard performance requirements related to compression and retention forces, RF fidelity, and carry current requirements.

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LPP-DA-1 Spec Sheet
Across the various branches of the military there exists a need to miniaturize fuzing systems while improving their reliability and safety. Existing commercial products are unreliable and bulky, adding to the size and weight of the ordnance. HT has been working with various military research and development teams to create safer, more reliable, and more capable medium caliber munitions. The ultra miniature switches and fuzing components that have been developed are assisting the military to increase reliability rates for munitions and meet internal mandates to reach 90% reliability in the next few years. For more information on military development opportunities please email us at
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