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Nov 2014
Sandia National Laboratories Partnership Success Stories

Sandia National Laboratories, located in Albuquerque, NM, has produced a series of videos that bring to life the visions of companies that are using Sandia technology to better the world. These are stories of commitment, partnerships, and real people solving real problems. The stories are told in the words of the Sandia principal investigators, industry partners, and entrepreneurs who worked together to achieve a common goal.

Sandia selected HT Micro to participate in the video series as an example of the Entrepreneurial Separation to Transfer Technology (ESTT) program.  HT co-founder, Dr. Todd Christenson took advantage of the ESTT program to start HT MicroAnalytical in 2003 in order to apply his specialized expertise in high aspect ratio microfabrication (HARM) technology gained while at Sandia to the creation of the world’s smallest electromechanical switches.

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Oct 2014
Providing High Volume Production of Precision 3D Micro Structures

HT MicroAnalytical, Inc. President and CTO, Dr. Todd Christenson, in conjunction with Roger Grace of Roger Grace Associates, authored an article in Commercial Micro Manufacturing International magazine.  The article addresses the benefits of iHarm - a group of processes that provide a batch fabrication approach for several hundred micron tall structures with metal materials packaged at the wafer level all while substantially maintaining tolerances at the sub millimeter scale.  Regarding the article Dr. Christenson stated, "HT Micro's unique micro fabrication technology enables a vast array of mechanisms at the sub-millimeter scale.  Working with designers and manufacturers of complex 3D structures is an important part of HT's future." 

Aug 2014
HT Micro hosts U.S. Senator Udall, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz

On Monday August 11th, 2014, HT MicroAnalytical Inc. hosted U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and U.S. Senator Tom Udall for a Company visit and a tour of its new manufacturing site.

Secretary Moniz was visiting Albuquerque as part of President Obama's Quadrennial Energy Review and to conduct a roundtable discussion with local leaders about opportunities and approaches to commercialize technology from the national laboratories.

Udall has worked to support coalitions between private businesses, the labs and military bases, and state and local governments to help New Mexico build a strong high-tech economic sector that will create jobs. Udall discussed his ATTAIN Act, which he introduced this year to facilitate the technology transfer process.

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HT Micro Employees with Secretary of Energy Moniz and U.S. Senator Udall

Aug 2014
Udall, U.S. Energy Secretary to Discuss Technology Transfer and Economic Development at Albuquerque Business


Contact: Jennifer Talhelm

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MONDAY: Udall, U.S. Energy Secretary to Discuss Technology Transfer and Economic Development at Albuquerque Business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - On Monday, August 11, U.S. Senator Tom Udall and U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will visit HT Micro in Albuquerque, a business that exemplifies the successful transfer of technology from New Mexico's national labs into the marketplace. HT Micro is a leading manufacturer of ultra miniature switches, sensors and precision components. Udall and Moniz will tour the company's facility, and meet with its founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Todd Christenson to discuss the importance of technology transfer and economic development in New Mexico.

Christenson left Sandia National Labs to form HT Micro in 2003 through the labs' Entrepreneurial Separation to Transfer Technology program, which allows researchers to leave the labs to start or join small companies, knowing they can return. The company now has more than a dozen employees, and continues to grow as it sells its products to commercial and military customers world-wide.

Udall has worked to support coalitions between private businesses, the labs and military bases, and state and local governments to help New Mexico build a strong high-tech economic sector that will create jobs. Udall will discuss his ATTAIN Act, which he introduced this year to facilitate the technology transfer process, and help innovators like Christenson turn cutting-edge research into marketable products and businesses.

The tour is closed to the media, but a roundtable discussion and media availability will follow. Please RSVP to to attend. Details follow: 

Monday, August 11, 2014

WHAT: Udall and Moniz meet with HT Micro founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Todd Christenson to tour the facility and discuss technology transfer.

TIME: Roundtable open to the press at 1:30 p.m. Media availability to follow at 2:15 p.m.


4301 Masthead St. NE

Albuquerque, NM


Aug 2014
HT Micro Attends 57th Annual Fuze Conference

HT Micro CEO Danny Czaja attended the NDIA sponsored annual Fuze Conference conducted July 29th - 31st, 2014 in Newark, NJ.  The conference welcomed the participation of both domestic and allied fuze designers, manufacturers and component suppliers, and research organizations along with government representatives. This year's theme was "Collaboration for Fuzing Challenges"; This encompasses efforts between and among companies, services, countries and individual programs and with academia to resolve the multitude of issues challenging the fuzing community in meeting the needs of the warfighter. Applications include Guidance Integrated Fuzing, Target Discrimination for Fuzing, Multipoint and Variable Initiation, Ignition Safety Devices, Miniature Electronic Safety & Arming Devices, and High-g Hardened Fuzing. Also included are enabling technologies such as advanced sensors, power sources, high voltage components, MEMS S&A/sensors, and small conventional S&A devices. This conference provides the opportunity to discuss and share ideas to help advance the state-of-the-art for the next generation of fuzing that meets the users' needs. Please join us and share your success and lessons learned.

Commenting on the conference, Danny Czaja remarked, "It is both exciting and encouraging to witness HT technology be the focus of no less than three separate presentations.  For over five years HT has worked in partnership with the military's research and development arm to produce game changing, enabling technology that supports the Department of Defense's objective of providing next generation safety and surety in munitions and weapon systems.  HT is proud of these collaborative achievements and continues to support the development of tomorrow's technology for America's war fighter".

May 2014
HT Micro Speaks at 2014 MEPTEC Conference

Dr. Todd Christenson the Founder, Chairman and CTO of HT MicroAnalytical, Inc. presented a session entitled "Passive Micro Sensors:  When Power isn't an Option" at the 12th annual MEPTEC symposium on May 22nd, 2014 in San Jose, California. The conference addressed technical innovations in design, process, materials, packaging, and test that have enabled widespread commercialization of MEMS products.  In particular the conference updated the MEMS community on MEMS sensing applications that enable innovation in functional sophistication, cost-reduction, and productivity improvements for the high growth markets of mobile, industrial, consumer, and biomedical.

Dr. Christenson introduced HT microsensor technology that requires no electrical power to provide the sensing or monitoring function.  The zero-power devices operate as their own energy harvesters and extract energy from their physical surroundings to monitor the measurand.  The output is provided through ultra-reliable switch contacts which in turn require specific feature sizes and materials that are unique relative to semiconductor devices.  By their nature, these sensors are able to be easily positioned and integrated into strategic or remote positions within a systems.  Examples including inertial and magnetic sensors are described.  To learn more click here.


Since its inception over 30 years ago, MEPTEC has provided a forum for semiconductor packaging and test professionals to learn and exchange ideas that relate to packaging, assembly, and test.  Through monthly events, MEPTEC continuously strives to improve and elevate the roles of assembly and test professionals in the industry.

Jan 2014
HT MicroAnalytical, Inc. announces new wholesale relationship with Coto Technology, Inc.

Coto Technology, a worldwide market leader and manufacturer of small signal switching & relay products since 1917, and HT Micro, a manufacturer of micro switches, sensors, and connectors, announced a three year agreement to manufacture, market, and sell HT™ Micro Reed Switch. Coto is marketing the product under the brand name, RedRock™ and launched the product line in April 2013 at the Design West Trade Show. The technology behind the product has been under development since 2007. HT Micro™ CEO Danny Czaja commented: 'The confidence Coto is placing in HT™ reed switch technology is validation of the market opportunity to revolutionize the reed switch marketplace.' HT Micro estimates that more than 800 million reed switches are sold worldwide each year

Jan 2014

The traditional, glass-encapsulated reed switch is widely used in the electronics industry, but unlike other electronic devices, its size isn't continuing to shrink dramatically: at a length of about 5 mm, it's reached the practical limit at which it can continue to function. Enter the RedRock™ RS1-A-2515 MEMS-based reed switch from Coto Technology 'its maximum dimensions of 2.18 x 1.10 x 1.10 mm give it a volume that is approximately 8X less than the smallest available conventional reed switch.' 

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Nov 2013

Coto Technology, a leader in the design and development of small signal switching solutions, has introduced a new MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) magnetically operated switch named 'RedRock™' This new switch merges the best features of conventional reed switches 'including zero power operation and high power hot switching capability' with the inherent benefits associated with MEMS processing. These benefits include the economy of scale and item-to-item reproducibility that are achievable using lithographic semiconductor fabrication methods.

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Oct 2013
HT Micro announces an even “smaller” reed switch

HT Micro announced a new micro Reed Switch, effectively reducing the size of the world's smallest reed switch by half. The 1.32 x 0.836 x 0.97 mm reed switch and sensor is a surface mounted device designed to revolutionize the opportunities associated with magnetic sensing. Magnetic sensing is a non-contact technology utilized in applications ranging from automotive, to medical, consumer, and industrial applications. Commenting on the new product Company Founder and CTO, Dr. Todd Christenson said: 'The convergence of sensors, the internet, and energy efficiency are driving manufacturers such as HT Micro to develop passive sensing technologies that do not require any electrical power to sense, are smaller in footprint and more reliable than ever. The new micro Reed Switch meets all of those requirements!'